Welcome to the SHARE web portal...

The SHARE research network was recently established to provide a platform for coordinating and informing about Antarctic social science, humanities and policy research. It is our aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information for and by Antarctic researchers on Antarctic social-sciences and humanities-related projects, publications, conferences, meetings, and other relevant news through this website.

Antarctic researchers involved in social science and humanities projects are invited to share news, information on their research projects and publications, and requests for cooperation through this site. We hope that this will help to encourage further cooperation within and across disciplines and enliven the discussion of issues pertaining to individual research topics and current affairs with respect to social, historical, cultural, legal, and political aspects of Antarctica.
If you want your Antarctic research project or publications to feature on this website, please contact one of the SHARE coordinators.

Mission Statement

SHARE is a research network for Antarctic social sciences and humanities researchers with two key objectives:

1. to lay the foundations for greater international collaboration, institutionalization and transparency;

2. to gather enough momentum to obtain more structural forms of collaboration and funding.

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